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Carter 305.5E2 Excavator with Thumb Nails

Used Carter excavator

Carter 305.5E2 Excavator with Thumb Nails

The advantages of the Cat® 305.5E2 small hydraulic excavator include:

1. Small and portable: The 305.5E2 is a small hydraulic excavator with a relatively small size and is suitable for small working spaces and narrow roads.  

2. Powerful working performance: Despite its small size, the 305.5E2 has excellent digging and dozing capabilities and can easily cope with various working scenarios.  

3. Flexible operation: The spiral rotating equipment allows the machine to rotate 360 ​​degrees in a small space, making it convenient to dig and dump materials.  

4. Comfortable cab: The 305.5E2’s cab has a humanized design and is equipped with comfortable seats, good visibility and an intuitive instrument panel, providing a good driving experience.  

5. High efficiency and energy saving: This model of excavator is equipped with Caterpillar's advanced hydraulic system, which provides high-efficiency power and operating performance while saving fuel and reducing operating costs.

 6. Excellent engineering quality: Caterpillar is a well-known construction machinery manufacturer. The design and manufacture of the 305.5E2 follows strict quality control standards and has good reliability and durability.All in all, the Cat® 305.5E2 small hydraulic excavator has the advantages of portability, powerful working performance, flexible operation, comfortable cab, high efficiency and energy saving, and high quality engineering, and is suitable for various small engineering construction scenarios.



     Carter Heavy Industries, Inc

    Engine power


    Engine model

     4M40 engine

    Engine brand

     Mitsubishi 4M40 engine

    Excavation bucket capacity

     0.22 cubic meters

    Vehicle length


    Vehicle width


    Vehicle width


    Vehicle weight

     5 tons

    Maximum excavation radius


    Maximum excavation height


    Maximum excavation depth


    Engine cylinder count

     inline four cylinders

    Number of supporting wheels


    Product details

    1 (1)4vi1 (2)b221 (3)eug1 (4)7rw1 (5)owh1 (6)o7t

    After-Sales Service

    Provide professional technical consultation and guidance to help users solve problems in the use of excavators;

    Quickly respond to users’ after-sales needs and promptly resolve faults and maintenance issues;

    Regular maintenance and upkeep extend the service life of the equipment;

    Provide spare parts support to ensure the normal use of equipment.

    Our used excavators are carefully inspected and repaired to ensure the machine is in good working order. Equipped with powerful excavation capabilities and intelligent control systems, it can meet the needs of various excavation work. We provide comprehensive after-sales service to ensure your use goes smoothly. Choosing our second-hand excavators means choosing a high-performance, high-reliability and high-efficiency working partner.


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