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Carter 312D2GC excavator

Used Carter excavator

Carter 312D2GC excavator

Caterpillar 312D2GC excavator has the following advantages:

1. Powerful power system: equipped with Cat C4.4 engine, which has large output power and high combustion efficiency, and can provide strong excavation and dozing capabilities. 

2. Efficient oil circuit system: It has an advanced hydraulic system that can quickly and accurately control various working devices, improve operating efficiency and reduce energy consumption. 

3. Stable working performance: Equipped with a hard material excavation device, it has excellent wear resistance and can maintain stable working performance in various harsh working environments.

4. Safe and comfortable cab: The cab adopts humanized design, with wide field of vision, comfortable ride and easy operation. It is also equipped with safety devices to provide better work safety. 

5. Easy to maintain: simple mechanical structure and easy maintenance. The oil system is equipped with filters and oil bath offline high-efficiency filters to extend the service life of the hydraulic oil and reduce the number of maintenance times. 

6. Multi-functional application: Equipped with various accessories and equipment to meet the needs of different construction sites, such as buckets, bailing buckets, hammer buckets, etc., improving work flexibility and versatility.

7. Durable and reliable: Made of high-strength materials and high-quality components, and subject to strict quality control and experimental verification, it has high reliability and long life.


    Engine power


    Engine model

    Cat@ C3.6

    Excavator capacity


    Vehicle weight


    Vehicle length


    Vehicle width


    Vehicle height


    Maximum digging radius


    Maximum excavation height


    Maximum Digging Depth


    Number of supporting wheels


    Product Display

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    Provide professional technical consultation and guidance to help users solve problems in the use of excavators;

    Quickly respond to users’ after-sales needs and promptly resolve faults and maintenance issues;

    Regular maintenance and upkeep extend the service life of the equipment;

    Provide spare parts support to ensure the normal use of equipment.

    Our used excavators are carefully inspected and repaired to ensure the machine is in good working order. Equipped with powerful excavation capabilities and intelligent control systems, it can meet the needs of various excavation work. We provide comprehensive after-sales service to ensure your use goes smoothly. Choosing our second-hand excavators means choosing a high-performance, high-reliability and high-efficiency working partner.


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