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Shanghai Lingtai Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. jointly established by Shanghai Lei Ke Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Zhenhuan Mechanical Engineering Co. Ltd. is dedicated to the field of foreign trade machinery. Shanghai Lei Ke and Shanghai Zhenhuan deep farming in the field of used construction machinery for 15 years, Shanghai Lingtai construction Machinery Co., Ltd. on this basis, the strength is more powerful, currently has 15,000 square factories, more than 1,000 second-hand construction vehicles stock capacity.

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Lingtai adhering to the "integrity service, credit management", "the pursuit of quality, service first" service concept, so that customers get real benefits.

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Customer Review2


2023 05 02
I recently purchased a second-hand excavator produced by Lingtai company, and I am very satisfied with its performance and quality. Although it is a second-hand device, its efficiency and stability have left a deep impression on me. 
Customer Review4


2023 05 02
The Forklift I purchased second-hand has been a pleasant surprise. Its efficiency and stability have made it a worthwhile investment, and I am very satisfied with its performance and quality.
Customer Review10


2023 05 02
The maintenance of the loader is also simpler than I expected, which makes me very satisfied. Overall, this Lingtai company's second-hand loader has provided reliable support for my engineering project, and I am very satisfied with its performance.
Customer Review7


2023 05 02
The Second Hand Road Roller I purchased has exceeded my expectations in terms of performance and quality. Its efficiency and stability are truly impressive.
Customer Review6


2023 05 02
I am extremely impressed with the performance and quality of the Bulldozers I bought second-hand. Despite being used, it operates with remarkable efficiency and stability.